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PBXRealtime is supported by one of the best VoIP support teams in the industry. We want to help you with your phone system questions quickly and efficiently to save you time and address any request you have. We have manuals and support videos as well if you prefer.

Please also refer to our Frequently Asked Questions below for additional information.

PBX Resources and Manuals

PBXRealtime Resources

PBXRealtime offers numerous manuals and video tutorials to help you with the setup and use of PBXRealtime.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q?
    How do I download and install the PBXRealtime software?
    Simple, you can purchase one of our own appliances with the license pre-loaded, or if you want to use your own hardware, you can download the FREE PBXRealtime ISO file, make a DVD and boot to that drive at startup. If you have any questions, visit our support page for the multiple avenues of support we offer, including calling us directly.

    *Please be aware that the DVD created by the ISO file will format your hard drive, destroying any data that may exist.
  • Q?
    How does the PBXRealtime phone software help me save money?
    PBXRealtime software is flexible in its licensing to fit with your business' needs, starting with FREE! Our licensing model significantly reduces the amount required for the purchase of most phone systems and reduces the time spent on the phone system so you can focus on your business.
  • Q?
    How reliable is PBXRealtime?
    PBXRealtime software is very reliable. Most of our customers run PBX systems in a single server environment. If you are concerned about system failure, power failure, or network failure, PBXRealtime has serious fault tolerance options - including operating with multiple mirrors or in large clusters, both of which support load balancing - to prevent system outages.

    Mirrors and clusters can operate in separate data centers. PBXRealtime does not rely on data synchronization. Instead, each server houses its own database. Updates are written to each server in the cluster in real time. PBXRealtime is also aware of cluster activity. If a server has gone off-line, PBXRealtime will automatically synchronize the failed server after it detects that the server has been restored.
  • Q?
    Which VoIP phones does PBXRealtime support?
    PBXRealtime natively supports a wide variety of phones, and ultimately will work in conjunction with any unlocked VoIP phone. PBXRealtime includes a configuration wizard for 100+ models, including numerous phones by Cisco, Grandstream, Linksys, Polycom, Ubiquiti and Yealink.
  • Q?
    How do I contact support?
    The support options for PBXRealtime are numerous, including manuals and video tutorials as well as email and phone support. For more information or to contact us, please see our support contact to the right.

24/7 Support

PBXRealtime Support

PBXRealtime support is standing by and available Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. Central time, by phone or email, and also after-hours for those projects that require extra time.

Call: (866) 369-8647

Support during normal business hours is $75/hour. After-hours support is also available at $150/hour.